Emergency services

Emergency services


At Service All-Stars, we know that you cannot predict exactly when you will have an issue with your HVAC system. In the summer, the last thing you want is a broken down air conditioner and no one who can help. Our Carson and South Bay HVAC technicians offer quick service at reasonable prices so you never have to go without your air conditioner. Although Los Angeles has a reputation for never getting cold, we know that the temperature can dip in the winter. We can take care of all your emergency heating repair services when you’re chilly and your heater breaks.


When to Call for Emergency Services

It can be difficult to know whether your system is overloaded and having a bad day or in need of professional repair. Knowing the signs and when to call a Carson HVAC specialist can help you avoid wasting your time or money on unnecessary repairs. Our goal is to help you keep your system in working condition year round through proper maintenance and repairs when they are needed.

We offer emergency repairs for the following issues:
  • System won't turn on or keeps turning off
  • System smells funny when it is turned on
  • System is leaking or making funny noises
  • System won't cool or heat your home
Why Do HVAC Systems Fail?

Many homeowners have difficulty understanding why they ran into a heating or AC emergency, especially systems which are not very old. Your system may simply be outdated and need to be replaced, especially if it is 10-15 years old. The most common reason why systems fail is improper or lack of preventative maintenance. This is one of the leading causes of emergency calls, such as not changing the filters in your system often enough. Once we have taken care of the immediate repairs which are needed, we can discuss a maintenance plan.