What Are Some Common Reasons For AC Water Leakage?

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What Are Some Common Reasons For AC Water Leakage?

AC Water Leakage has been one of the most common problems faced by owner of ductless air conditioners. You never know, when the water would start pouring down from your cooling unit.

In such scenario, first and foremost step that needs to be taken is to turn off the air conditioner to so as to avoid any kind of short circuit or energy malfunctioning. Turning of your AC in case of malfunctioning or water leakage is highly important so that it doesn’t damage your internal wiring or electrical parts.

Once you have shut it down, contact an experienced  AC Repairing technician near you  who can come and fix your air conditioner. Water leakage from air conditioners can occur due to many reasons but we will only highlight few of these that cause AC water leakage.

Let’s find out the common ones


Your air conditioner unit needs to be properly sealed from the outside. If the unit is not sealed tightly, the warm air from the outside will go inside and get condensed from the cool air coming from the inside of the air conditioner. Gradually, moisture starts building up inside and results in water leakage.

Your Unit Isn’t Installed Correctly

You have bought a new air conditioner but didn’t choose the right technician to install it. This could also result in water leakage even months later. Your AC must be installed properly. Your cooling unit needs to be installed in such a way that the front end is higher than the rear end so that the water leakage can be refrained from. The ideal distance is 1-inch. AC Water leakage usually occurs when the distance is less than 1-inch.

Air Conditioner Drain Holes Are Blocked

There are drain holes at the rear end of your unit that can sometimes become blocked due to dirt and dust. This blockage will prevent the moisture inside the unit from draining, thus causing water leakage from the front end. To prevent this from happening, make sure you get your air conditioner cleaned regularly.

The Joint of AC Is Damaged

Another reason of water leakage can occur if the joint between the drain line and the indoor unit get damaged. The joint wears off after the unit is used for a long time and must be serviced by a professional air conditioning technician.

Drain Pans Of The Unit Have Are Rusted

Customized metal sheets are used to create the drain pans of the air conditioning units. Every unit has its own size thus there will be a different size of pan used for its drain pan. These pans get damaged and rusted overtime and require replacement. If a hole appears in the middle of the drain pan, water gets leaked outside.

These were the five most common reasons why your AC must be leaking water. in case water leakage occurs, you should at once call a technician and get it repaired at once.

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