Heat pumps

Heat pumps


Have you been considering upgrading your heating system to a newer, more energy-efficient model? Or perhaps your system has stopped working and you have no choice but to replace it? Whatever the case may be, our Carson HVAC technicians at Service All-Stars are ready to help you select and install a new system. We also offer the repair of existing heat pumps for homeowners throughout South Bay and Los Angeles County.

We highly recommend the purchase and installation of heat pumps because they are an excellent type of comfort system. Heat pumps can be installed in virtually any home, especially in warmer climates like California.

Understanding the Way Heat Pumps Work

Heat pumps work by controlling the temperature inside your property by moving heat around. It doesn’t have to burn fuel in order to create heat or to cool a home but instead transfers warm air. Because it doesn’t require fuel to operate, it is an incredibly efficient system which costs much less than other types of heating systems to operate. During the winter, heat pumps take heat from the outside and transfers it inside your home. In summer, heat pumps transfer the heat out of your home and put it outside.