Improve Your Indoor Air This Winter

It’s that time of year where cooler weather is becoming more frequent, and you might have transitioned from using your air conditioner to your furnace. This is also the perfect time for some seasonal furnace maintenance. Follow these tips and keep your HVAC system running well!

Clean Those Filters!

Have you ever noticed an awful burning smell when you first turn on your heater? Luckily, this odor is usually harmless and dissipates after several minutes. This is the smell of dust getting burned up when your furnace turns on. To help reduce the smell, be sure to clean the furnace filter before turning it on for the first time. There may be additional dust in your furnace and ductwork, but cleaning these is best left to a professional.

Consider A Humidifier

If you tend to get dry skin and sinus problems in the winter, your indoor air may benefit from increased humidity.Between running the heater and the cold, dry air outside, winter can cause all sorts of problems for your skin and health. Breathe easier and quit buying lotion in bulk by using a humidifier to add some moisture back into your home.

Keep Air Clean

When it gets cold, we tend to huddle inside more. We also tend to catch colds and viruses a little easier. Keep your home and indoor air clean and fresh throughout the winter with a good cleaning schedule. Vacuum the carpet and dust shelves two to four times a month, and open a window or two on warmer days. Use disinfecting wipes or spray on doorknobs or other areas to help reduce germs.

Stay healthy and happy this season by following these tips to improve your indoor air this winter. If you need heater repair or maintenance services in Carson, CA, call Service All-Stars, Inc. at (310) 439-5027!

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