Seven Common HVAC Myths Debunked

Your home’s HVAC system is arguably its most important appliance, and as a homeowner you are probably keen on finding the best possible way to save money by both making your systems last longer and run less often. Many different people and places will give you “tips” on how to do this, but many of them are filled with misinformation that could lead you down the wrong path or cause you to spend more money than you actually need to.

Here are seven myths we commonly hear about and how you can properly maintain and run your air conditioningand heating systems, as well as tips for improving your overall HVAC efficiency.

1. Turning Off Your A/C Wastes Energy
Does it not really make sense when someone says turning off a device actually wastes energy? That’s because it’s true—it doesn’t make sense. Many sources will tell you that turning off your A/C during the day when you’re not home actually wastes energy, and that it’s better to turn your thermostat up. But your system will always use less energy when shut off. However, a smart thermostat can help you save money by shutting off during the day then turning on in the evening when you come home.

2. Thermostat Location Has No Effect
Your thermostat has a thermometer in it which detects the air temperature in your home. Placing it too close to your air conditioner or heating system can result in it not running long enough. Placing it too close to a leaky door or window means it can stay on for too long. Either way, where you place your system can lead to major issues with your HVAC system.

3. Bigger is Better
Not sure what size HVAC system to get? Just get one that seems abundantly large and you’ll be fine, right? Wrong. A system that’s too large will keep cycling on and off, which costs more money (starting a system uses more electricity than keeping one running), as well as shorten the life of the unit. Speak with a professional if you’re unsure how large of a unit your home needs.

4. Maintenance Doesn’t Matter
If you’re trying to save money by being efficient and prolonging the life of your system, you should have your HVAC system maintained at least once per year, preferably twice. Maintenance can help you keep your system running at maximum efficiency, which saves money, and allows you to run your system less often, which also saves you money. The one-time cost of a maintenance service can potentially pay for itself in the amount of energy you save and then some in the lifespan of your system.

5. An Energy-Efficient Unit Reduces Utility Bills
Not necessarily. While a brand new energy-efficient system will have a small impact on your utility bills, air leaks and in-home heat intrusion sources will all still continue to impact your home and reduce your new system’s effectiveness. Once you have rectified these issues, you’ll begin to notice a huge difference in your home’s comfort level and your monthly utility bills.

6. Closing Vents Increases Efficiency
do you have a room that is particularly when running your air conditioner? What about a room that just doesn’t seem to get enough air flow to keep it comfortable? Many people think that closing off air vents can help balance this situation, but the truth is you could be creating unnecessary pressure in your air ducts. This pressure can lead to leaks in your vent seams, which dramatically reduces the efficiency of your entire system.

7. Change Your Filter Once a Year
Nearly every homeowner knows they have to change their air filter in their HVAC system, but the truth is most don’t do it nearly often enough. In reality, you should be checking your air filter at least every three months, and possibly more if you own a pet. If your air filter is dirty or showing signs of being clogged with dirt and dust, you should not hesitate to replace it. A replacement filter costs just a few dollars and can help you breathe easier plus make your system more efficient, which saves you money.

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