3 Air Conditioning Maintenance Tips for a Well Working A/C Unit

Having an air conditioning system that delivers cool air is amazing. However, in order to have an A/C that provides cooling to your home, there are certain things homeowners should do to maintain them. Here are four air conditioning tips for a well working A/C unit.

Inspect Your A/C Unit

First things first on the air conditioning maintenance guide; inspect your unit for damage or other problems. This is mostly for the benefit of your outside A/C unit. Check the fins in the unit to see if they have damage.

Clean Your A/C Unit

This is a pretty easy air conditioning maintenance tip. Every month you should clean the A/C unit inside your home and outside. For inside your home, you can clean the evaporator coils and drain. For outside you can clean the condenser and surrounding area. If there are leaves stuck in the A/C unit or tree branches touching the unit, you can clean and cut those away.

Change Your A/C Filter

For optimal air and A/C performance, you should be changing your filter every 4 to 6 weeks. Filters can improve your air quality and reduce energy bills.

Regular air conditioning maintenance can not only save you money on bills, but it can save you from unnecessary and stressful repairs to your air conditioning unit. If you are in need of residential or commercial air conditioning or heating services in Carson, CA, give the professional HVAC technicians at Service-All Stars a call at (310) 439-5027 today. For quality heating and cooling services, you can’t find anywhere else!

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